How To Make Turkish Coffee Without An Ibrik

How To Make Turkish Coffee Without An Ibrik?

Everybody knows that Turkish coffee is worldwide renown for its distinct flavor and taste, but what makes it incredibly popular is its unique and very interesting brewing method. In fact, the brewing method is the reason why Turkish coffee smells and tastes so good.

Usually, the individuals who make Turkish coffee use a certain tool called Ibrik. This is a special pot made of copper, ceramics, stainless steel or any kind of metal.

Turkish coffee is traditionally made with the ibrik kept in sand, with fire below it. The fire has the role of heating the sand and keeping it at an even temperature, until the coffee grounds are added, together with water, sugar (depending on taste) and some cardamom. Finally, once everything is inside, the ibrik is nestled into the sand and the coffee is ready for serving!

However, not all the people have the possibility to use an ibrik to make Turkish coffee. For those that fall into this category, we have prepared an in-depth guide that will show them how to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik.

But first, we’ll start with the requirements for making Turkish coffee without an ibrik.

What are the necessary ingredients to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik?

People who want to know how to make Turkish coffee, but they don’t have an ibrik and can’t acquire one, here are the basic ingredients needed to prepare the drink:

  • Coffee
  • Water
  • A heat source
  • A cup that’s heat tolerant
  • A good spoon
  • Optional: sugar, cardamom

Once they make sure they have everything needed, it’s time to actually start brewing the coffee the Turkish way. Below, we will explain how to do that using 2 different methods.

How to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik – Method 1

First of all, the coffee beans need to be grinded until they have a good consistency. This is one of the most important steps, because the grinding has to be done perfectly.

Then, the water should be added to the cup that can handle very high temperatures. Ideally, the cup should hold about 20 ounces, because that’s how much an Ibrik would normally hold.

After the water has been poured in, it’s time to add the sugar (the amount of sugar depends on people’s tastes), followed by the ground coffee which needs to go straight into the water pot. All the ingredients have to be mixed together really well with the spoon before moving forward.

Once the above step has been completed, the cup will go to the heating process (medium heat is recommended). People should be really careful now because it will start to foam pretty quickly.

As soon as it starts boiling, the cup must be removed from the heat source. It should be allowed to rest for a minute or two until the foam has settled.

After the foam has settled, the cup needs to go over medium heat again, come to boil and be allowed to rest in order to settle its foam. Some people go even further and repeat this step a third time, but it’s not mandatory.

Finally, it’s serving time. For the taste to be the best possible, give it an additional minute.

Coffee made following the Turkish way doesn’t require specific cups or mugs. We recommend using what’s available in the house.

How to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik – Method 2

The second method that people use to make Turkish coffee without an ibrik is slightly different than the first one because it could be significantly quicker. It goes like this:

-take a small pot and put it on the stove (the size of the pot depends on how much coffee you want to make)

-add the coffee grounds into the pot, followed by a good measure of water

-add the sugar and some cardamom to enhance the coffee’s taste; the amount depends on your preferences

-start the stove on medium to high heat and bring the coffee to a boil

-when it starts boiling, take it off for several seconds only, then put it back and let it boil for a second time

-the whole process up to this step shouldn’t last longer than 5 minutes

-pour the coffee into a mug or cup; allow it to rest for couple more minutes

-if you want a touch of novelty to the good old Turkish method of coffee serving, you can add some cream

-enjoy your Turkish-style brewed coffee!

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